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Favorite Organization

26 Sep

My favorite oraganization is This website is a really good organization website. It keeps you on track of things on what you need to do for a certain day. Also, this website is a lot of fun and you can put your documents on there for what you need and you can put certain pictures on there to make it look pretty. Stixy is a good website for organizing your workspace or just for you to remind yourself for what you need to do for that day.

I plan on using this website for future use when I have to plan something for a day or what I need to do for a certain day. I would also use this for my workspace so I can be organized and save documents that I need for a certain day. This website would be very useful for me in the future so I can be organized and know what to do.

Technology Article Review

21 Sep

This website tells you about the future use of e-paper. E-paper is electronic paper to put into your computer. It’s basically used for reading and printing thing off. E-paper is made from a flexible material that is cheap to manufacture. It is durable and easy to use.

I think that e-paper will be the next big thing; because Japan has e-books that uses e-paper. Japan likes to use that kind of technology for reading books, newspapers, magazines and etc. I think e-paper will be helpful in the future and that a lot of people will use it.

Current Technology Article/ Event

15 Sep

At the InfraGard Cyber-Defense Summit, security experts discussedthe costs of cyber-crime and cyber-fraud, and ways to defend against cyber-criminals.

This article is about cyber-frauds and cyber-criminals in New York City. They are trying to prevent future occurrences to stop cyber-fraud. This article is trying to tell people that cyber-fraud is a bad thing to do. Some examples of this are identity theft, credit card theft, and etc. My thoughts about this article is that it’s very informational and helping people know the news about technology and how people use it as cyber-fraud.

Comparison and Contrast about 2 Websites

14 Sep  This website lets you make your own web chart and you can make them differently.  This website lets you create your own web chart and you can create many other charts as well. Like network layouts, venn diagrams, org charts, flow charts, and a lot more.

The comparison between these 2 websites is that they both let you create your own web chart. The contrast between these 2 websites is that gliffy makes you do more than one chart instead of the same chart every time.

What is helpful and what is not about this website?

12 Sep

This website is about Lorelle VanFossen that put together hundreds of the tips you need to know before you start bloggin and after.

I think this website is very helpful to others that are new to blogging. Just like me, I’m new to blogging and I have no clue what to write about this website, but this website is helpful to me to get going on my blog. This wesite gives you tips about blogging and how to use a blogging website.

After this class is over, I will use this blog to look around and find some information abot how to use this blog.

Hello world!

12 Sep

Welcome to After you read this, you should delete and write your own post, with a new title above. Or hit Add New on the left (of the admin dashboard) to start a fresh post.

Here are some suggestions for your first post.

  1. You can find new ideas for what to blog about by reading the Daily Post.
  2. Add PressThis to your browser. It creates a new blog post for you about any interesting  page you read on the web.
  3. Make some changes to this page, and then hit preview on the right. You can always preview any post or edit it before you share it to the world.